Our Programs

It is a goal of Edmunds Well Wildlife Sanctuary to provide a facility for disadvantaged youth to come and experience nature first hand. We encourage good stewardship, and respect of the environment and wildlife.

Planting Trees

Planting Native Grasses


Youth groups from various organizations throughout Oregon come with chaperones, and stay for periods from 1-5 days.  They bring their own meals and sleeping bags.  All of the basics are supplied for them.  They receive tours, do group activities, fish, do arts & crafts, and wood working projects.  If time permits, field trips off site are provided.

Caring for the Sanctuary

  • If groups stay 2-3 days, they will do a work project to help the Sanctuary.
  • They are required to leave the Lodge as they found it or better upon exit.
  • Groups are charged $5.00 per day per visitor.